Sexual and reproductive health education


of teenagers in Tanzania have already a child or are pregnant


teenagers will benefit from our project

Provide the young people the means to improve their knowledge

In the countries where we operate, young people often have confusing and contradictory information about romantic relationships and sexuality. We provide them with the means to improve their knowledge, so they can take informed decisions. At school or out of it, teachers, health care providers, peer educators and community health workers organise education sessions where they provide reliable information to teenagers, whether they go to school or not.

These sessions are adapted according to the age and they broach subjects such as romantic relationships; culture and taboos; violence and security; consent; human body and development; sexuality.

Prevent early pregnancy and disease transmission.

We produce teaching material adapted to teenagers and train activity leaders and teachers so they can organise participative activities with young people, in order to prevent early pregnancies.

In the countries in practice


Project to improve the sexual health of teenagers from 10 to 19 years old in Ulanga district in the South of the country by changing attitudes and adapting the health services to their needs.

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Julius et Neema, students, Tanzania

We are 2 students of 17 years old, and our teacher has chosen us to lead sexual education time among young people. We have been trained and now we organise sessions to talk to the other students at school.

My donation makes a difference

For example  :

With 60 francs 

I fund a nutrition kit for 6 teachers in Madagascar so they can put in place activities in class with their students.

With 100 francs 

I enable 175 pregnant women in Bangladesh to be made aware of their pregnancy and the dangers in the newborn.

With 150 francs

I enable the continuous training for a nurse in Nepal, so s/he can provide respectful care to pregnant women and their newborns.

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