Education in emergency situations

Guaranteeing the right to education despite armed conflict

In Burkina Faso, millions of children are deprived of an education as a result of attacks by armed groups, which have led to massive population displacements and the closure of thousands of schools. Yet for many children, school is not only a place of learning, but also a safe place. In crisis situations, the risk of violence against children is even greater.

Since 2020, Enfants du Monde has undertaken educational projects in emergency situations to send to school displaced children who are victims of the security crisis in Burkina Faso.

What makes us different
  • In order to adapt to population movements, we work with local people to build temporary classrooms (for example, by rehabilitating disused premises) or even portable classrooms (light structures) using available materials.
  • We help pupils to obtain administrative documents such as birth certificates or national identity cards so that they can enrol at school;
  • We offer remedial courses and accelerated training for students arriving with a learning delay;
  • We are distributing equipment to the most vulnerable pupils (school supplies, hygiene kits for girls, bicycles to get to school, solar lamps so they can study at night, etc.).

Salfo, 10, displaced with his family, Burkina Faso

The school closed in my village because of the attacks. In this school here I’m happy to be in class and I’m no longer afraid.

In the countries in practice

Burkina Faso

Our teams work to improve the access, maintenance and continuity of education in a safe and protective environment for displaced children, refugees and those from vulnerable host families.


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My donation makes a difference

For example:

With 60 francs:

I am providing a day of in-service training in bilingual education for 2 teachers in Burkina Faso to improve the quality of their lessons.

With 100 francs:

I am donating a bilingual textbook to 11 children in Burkina Faso to help them progress.

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