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Training in education sciences

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At present, Enfants du Monde has no ongoing education projects in Benin.

It is in partnership with one of the largest universities in Benin located near Cotonou, the University of Abomé Calavi, that our association has set up a Master in Educational Sciences, whose first students were graduates in May 2019.

This Master’s programme is regional in scope, bringing together 31 students from Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad. Its aim is to improve the quality of education by training high-level human resources, teacher trainers and Ministry of Education executives who, in different countries, are involved in the pedagogical design and implementation of educational programmes.


Masters in bi/multilingualism and interculturality

The Masters in Education in Benin, entitled “Masters in bi/multilingualism and interculturality”, was born out of a desire to tackle recurring difficulties. Local languages are not sufficiently used in teaching, and subjects such as mathematics, social sciences and life sciences are often disconnected from the context and have no direct link with the lives and environment of children and young people.

This is why the Master’s programme aims to develop the skills of those involved in education by taking account of advances in the educational sciences and leading them to reflect on and take concrete action to improve the quality of education by adapting it to the linguistic, cultural and socio-economic context.

The course is taught in tandem by professors from the University of Abomé Calavi and Enfants du Monde staff, as well as by external speakers.

“This training will have a positive impact on my work. I will be able to develop new materials to better train teachers and improve the quality of education in my country.” Idrissa Compaore, Teacher trainer at the Burkina Faso Ministry of Education of Burkina Faso.

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My donation makes a difference

For example:

With 70 francs:

I am donating a bilingual textbook in French and Mooré (the local language) to 8 children in Burkina Faso to help them make better progress at school.

With 140 francs:

I am helping 250 pregnant women in Bangladesh to prepare for the birth of their baby and the risks associated with childbirth.

With 200 francs:

I am funding in-service training in bilingual education for 10 teachers in Guatemala to improve the quality of their lessons.