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Our methodology

In order to enable children to participate in the sustainable development of their community and their country, Enfants du Monde promotes education for sustainable development in a systematic way as part of its interventions:

  • Interdisciplinary and bilingual educational sequences address the most pressing sustainability issues in each context: “Water is Life”, “Living Better with Climate Change”, “Eat well, live better”, “Live in peace”;
  • Ethical reflections confront learners with their own system of values and representations in order to change certain practices (marriage or child labour, girls dropping out of school, excision, etc.);
  • Classroom projects provide concrete solutions to problems identified at the local level, thus promoting children’s civic participation.
Issues addressed
  • Children’s rights : marriage and child labour, excision, low citizen participation of children;
  • Environmental protection : vulnerability of people to the effects of climate change, timber abuse, water management;
  • Health and well-being : regulated girls out of school, early pregnancies, high rates of malaria contagion, malnutrition, consumption of non-potable water;
  • Culture of peace : inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts.

In practice in countries

Children’s rights

Enfants du Monde is implementing two education projects on child rights and sustainable development in Switzerland, Guatemala and Burkina Faso. The project Un Monde plus Juste offers the possibility for schoolchildren to commit themselves to the rights of the child in a playful way.

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