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I decided to support Enfants du Monde

You would like to help mothers and children from disadvantaged countries and you are impressed by Enfants du Monde’s education and health projects?

You can help our NGO by making a one-time donation or by making a long-term commitment through project sponsorship. By becoming a sponsor, you agree to make a regular donation to Enfants du Monde (for example monthly) and thus contribute to providing disadvantaged children with quality education and better access to healthcare for many pregnant women and mothers.

It is also possible to extend your commitment to the health and education of children beyond your lifetime by putting Enfants du Monde in your will.

I become a regular donor

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I am a solidarity company

As a company, you can support Enfants du Monde by helping finance our projects or by involving your employees in an event that is both teambuilding and meaningful, for the benefit of our NGO.

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I organize a personal collection

If you want to personally collect funds for Enfants du Monde from those around you or through an event you are organizing, do not hesitate to contact us to create your fundraiser!

Make legacy or write my will

You may not have thought about it yet, but the heritage you have today could have an impact tomorrow. After thinking about your family and loved ones, you can bequeath part of your estate to Enfants du Monde or designate our NGO as heir when writing your will.

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If you want to get involved differently and have free time for the advantage of Enfants du Monde, we suggest that you become a volunteer at our headquarters in Geneva. Our team will entrust you with tasks in accordance with your skills and expectations.

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Become a member

Do you share our vision and want to contribute to our mission? Join us and support our humanitarian work by becoming a member of our association!

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Our NGO is Zewo certified…

Enfants du Monde is proud to have been a Zewo-certified NGO for 50 years. This label is awarded to organizations and institutions that manage the donations they receive transparently and efficiently.

In addition, donations to non-profit organizations recognized as being in the public interest are tax-deductible. Each year, at the end of February, you will receive a certificate for your previous year’s donations, which you can enclose with your tax return.

…and financially managed by an external auditor

Every year, Enfants du Monde’s accounts are audited by the independent Geneva-based auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. In particular, they check that the accounts comply with Swiss GAAP RPC21, the most stringent accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

Your donations got to mothers and children living in poverty

By supporting our education and health projects, you can be sure that your donations primarily go directly to the most disadvantaged. Our trusted Swiss NGO makes sure that its administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Cuénoud family, Regular donors, Switzerland

The work carried out by Enfants du Monde, although unavoidably limited, has always satisfied us as being perfectly targeted and efficient. All projects are designed to allow local partners to become autonomous, a philosophy which perfectly matches our expectations.

Slawomir Plata

My donation makes a difference

For example :

With 70 francs:

I offer a bilingual French and Mooré (local dialect) textbook to 8 children in Burkina Faso to enable them to progress better in school.

With 140 francs:

I allow 250 pregnant women in Bangladesh to be prepared for the birth of their baby and the risks associated with their delivery.

With 200 francs:

I am funding ongoing training in bilingual education for 10 teachers in Guatemala to improve the quality of their lessons.

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