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Our impact in the world

Lauren Pasche


women and children benefited from our health programme


students received a quality education


countries at the heart of our attention

Enfants du Monde operates in some of Africa, Asia and Latin America’s poorest countries to bring access to a quality education and maternal and child health services to the most disadvantaged. Our Swiss NGO also contributes to implementing and respecting the rights of children across the world with a sustainable development perspective.

Enfants du Monde/Goldbach


Every child must be able to go to school and learn to build a future.

  • Improving the quality of primary education in Africa and Latin America by training educational staff.
  • Creation of teaching materials adapted to children’s needs.
  • Schooling for children displaced by armed conflict.
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Slawomir Plata


We improve the health of mothers and children in Africa, Latin America and Asia:

  • Preventive actions in schools, health centers and with families.
  • Training healthcare staff to take better care of patients.
  • Reinforcing the knowledge of health ministry executives.
  • Contribution to national public health policies involving local populations.
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Enfants du Monde

Children’s rights

We promote respect for and implementation of children’s rights in Switzerland and around the world, with a view to sustainable development.

  • Teacher training
  • Production of teaching materials to educate schoolchildren about their rights.
  • Encouraging children’s active participation through class projects and the “la parole aux enfants” festival.
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What makes us different
  • Designed to last: our projects are sustainable because they strengthen the skills and knowledge of national education and health institutions, local NGOs and the local population;
  • In-depth knowledge of the field: we don’t send expatriates, and our local teams are natives of the countries where we work;
  • Collaboration: we co-construct all our projects with the beneficiaries we support, so that they can ultimately become the autonomous agents of their own change;
  • Efficiency: pilot projects are tested and then rolled out on a larger scale once they have proven their impact;
  • Leverage: by training key people in ministries and at local level, we transform educational and health practices in a sustainable way;
  • Expertise: a team of experienced specialists in public health and education sciences applies our unique pedagogical know-how;
  • Quality: our projects are designed to guarantee their impact, and we are recognized as trusted partners by international cooperation agencies, donors and local players.

Reyna, 7 years old, Guatemala

I especially like reading stories and learning to write. Later, I would like to become a doctor so that I can heal others.

My donation makes a difference

For example:

With 70 francs:

I am donating a bilingual textbook in French and Mooré (the local language) to 8 children in Burkina Faso to help them make better progress at school.

With 140 francs:

I am helping 250 pregnant women in Bangladesh to prepare for the birth of their baby and the risks associated with childbirth.

With 200 francs:

I am funding in-service training in bilingual education for 10 teachers in Guatemala to improve the quality of their lessons.

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