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The team of our NGO in Switzerland

Specialist with diverse skills and expertise

The headquarters of our NGO Enfants du Monde based in Geneva is made up of around twenty people. The secretariat works closely with regional offices and local partners and is administered by the Committee.

To successfully carry out its projects, our  also relies on the expertise of its staff who are high-level specialists in the fields of education and health, as well as programme management. They put their experience and technical knowledge at the service of the States and local partners in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the countries where we work.

The management, fundraising, communications and IT skills of other colleagues on our team are also invaluable. They are essential for the proper functioning and promotion of our NGO, and its values.

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Beata Godenzi

Secretary General

Myriam Gallio

Deputy Secretary General

Nicolas Bach

Head of administration and finance

Health and Education

Mouna Al Amine

Programme Manager Health projects Africa

Sébastien Blat

Programme Manager Education – Sahel

Susana Borda

Specialist in Education for Sustainable Development

Jeremy Bouin

Educational Collaborator

Constanze Bunzemeier

Programme Management and Funding Coordinator

Cecilia Capello

Head of the Health Team

Cristina Carulla

Education Specialist – Didactics of mathematics

Nutsa Chikvaidze

Health Assistant

Jessica Estrada

Programme Manager and Pedagogical Assistant

Noémie Guérif

Education Specialist – Didactics of languages

Simone Arcila Gut

Programme Manager – Latin America and Haiti

Narmin Mammadova

Health and Education for Sustainable Development Programme Assistant

Laura Marcucci

Programmes Assistant

Kaitlyn Paltzat

Global health trainee

Vanisha Ralisa

Madagascar Assistant

Thomas Rodrigues

Health Specialist

Mathieu Savoy

Education Officer


Corinne Chantrier

Communication Officer

Lili-Rose Duarte

Communications and fundraising intern

Thaïs Touch

Digital Marketing Officer


Constanze Bunzemeier

Programme Management and Funding Coordinator

Gaëlle Cuillerot

Head of Communication and Public Fundraising

Eléonor Evéquoz

Institutional fundraiser

Chloé Lagrimosa

Public Fundraising Officer

Secretariat and IT

Philip Gampfer

IT Project Manager

Lise-Marie Munoz

Administration and accounting assistant


Enfants du Monde is fortunate to be able to count on the commitment of generous people who offer their time and skills to our association. We warmly thank our volunteers for their valuable support!

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Helene Kubasky Volunteer translator, Switzerland

I am doing translations into German for the office in Geneva. I offer my services as volunteer, because I consider the projects of this organization as extremely well thought.


Sadith Cardenas

Volunteer translator

Mercedes Carnerero

Volunteer translator

Maëlys Dussauge Cid

Volunteer translator

Catherine Debayle

Volunteer translator

Sylvia Eugster

Volunteer translator

Tsion Kefene Gerbaba

Volonteer climate change

Helga Geyer

Volunteer translator

Nicole-Eva Grunder

Volunteer translator

Gwenda Haikal

Volunteer translator

Kimberly Hoang

Volunteer translator

Susan Ifeagwu

Volunteer translator

Clarissa Jaß

Volunteer translator

Marion Klarer

Volunteer translator

Helene Kubasky

Volunteer translator

Nicolas Kuonen

Volunteer lawyer

Françoise L’Eplattenier

Volunteer translator

Albert Bertin Essama Medjo

Volunteer translator

Lara Cantos Modesto

Volunteer translator

Virginia Navarro

Volunteer translator

Nathalie Rojal

Volunteer translator

Imma Blanquer Rossello

Volunteer translator

Or Salama

Volunteer translator

Sally Sow

Volunteer translator

Eva Troya

Volunteer translator

Emilia Warskulat

Volunteer translator

Madina Zahir

Digital communication volunteer

Our warmest thanks also go to our other volunteers who did not wish to appear on this page.

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