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Maternal and child health education

In 2022


women have received the birth and emergency preparedness card in Burkina Faso


pregnant women have participated in health education sessions in Bangladesh


health workers have been trained in Burkina Faso

Health education to reduce the mortality risks

We train health workers so they can deliver health education sessions to women, their families and entourage in the villages. For example, they distribute to future mothers a brochure on preparation for childbirth and obstetric and neonatal emergencies, and put at their disposal the mobile application My Baby and me.

This way, women, their relatives and communities can take informed decisions and stay healthy.

What makes us different
  • Midwives and health workers receive advice and communication training courses.
  • During information meetings, pregnant women and their families learn how to prepare for the birth and better prevent possible complications.
  • We develop innovative tools for health education, such as the free mobile applications “My baby and me” and “My child is growing up”.
  • Our information documents include many pictures, so they can be accessible to all people, even illiterate, and are drafted in native languages, such as our brochure for preparing for childbirth and emergencies.
  • The communities are involved so they can identify their own health needs and suggest solutions, through citizen participation methods.

Sheik Akhtaruzzaman Rajib, health care provider, Bangladesh

Since I attended this advice course, I have experienced my discussions with pregnant women in a different light. Now I pay more attention to their pregnancy stories and take into consideration the family issues that can prevent them from being taken care of properly.


We organise maternal and newborn health education sessions in the villages and at home and offer advice training to health workers.

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Burkina Faso

Along with our local partner IPC, we carry out health education actions for the local communities and offer training to health workers.

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My donation makes a difference

For example  :

With 60 francs :

I fund the application My baby and me for 139 pregnant women to monitor their pregnancy and be aware of the danger signs for them and their babies.

With 100 francs  :

I enable 175 pregnant women in Bangladesh to be made aware of their pregnancy and the dangers for the newborn.

With 150 francs :

I enable the continuous training for a nurse in Nepal, so s/he can provide respectful care to pregnant women and their newborns.

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