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For children as actors in their rights and sustainable development

One of Enfants du Monde’s missions is to contribute to the implementation of children’s rights in Switzerland and around the world, with a view to sustainable development, not only by educating schoolchildren, but also so that they become the actors and spokespersons for these rights.

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Children engage in a project for a world where their rights are respected

In a world that sometimes seems adrift, it is important to remember a few fundamentals: every child has the right to life and protection, to live with dignity, to express opinions, to have access to education and social security. The rights of the child are basic rights, unconditional rights that all countries should respect. Yet these rights continue to be denied, in different ways and to varying degrees in different countries.

Enfants à l’école au Guatemala

We are implementing two education projects on children’s rights and sustainable development in Switzerland, Guatemala and Burkina Faso.

We make children in these three countries aware of their own rights, so that they can build a better future for themselves.

Enfants du Monde

Did you know that, according to Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to express their views freely on matters that concern them? And that adults are obliged to listen to them attentively and take them seriously? We are committed to strengthening the participatory rights of children, in Switzerland and around the world, through two spaces specially designed for this purpose: the Globe Virtuel and the Festival La parole aux enfants.

What makes us different

Children’s participation at the heart of the approach

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child notes that children are not fully aware of their rights, and that their opinions on issues that concern them are not sufficiently taken into account. This is why it recommends that States, including Switzerland, systematically address children’s rights in schools, and set up effective mechanisms for age-appropriate participation. Our approach to education for sustainable development also enables them to relate to broader issues in their own country and around the world.

Understanding rigths in context, in Switzerland and around the world

To meet these needs, Enfants du Monde conducts in-depth education on children’s rights in schools, as part of its projects in Switzerland and around the world. Anchored in an approach to education for sustainable development, the children’s rights education program enables schoolchildren in Switzerland, as well as in Guatemala and Burkina Faso, to reflect on their rights by tackling issues they encounter in their daily lives, both at school and in the family sphere. The aim is not only to make them aware of their rights, but also and above all to help them understand the challenges of implementing them in their cultural and social context. Enfants du Monde gives them the tools they need to express their respect for these rights, and to actively defend them through meaningful actions in their schools and communities.

Participation opportunities for all

Enfants du Monde also offers all children concerned by its program and actions two platforms enabling them to exercise their right to be heard on issues that concern them, both by the general public and by decision-makers: the Globe Virtuel and the festival La parole aux enfants.

Our action for children’s rights, in Switzerland and around the world

A fairer world

We are working with schools in Switzerland and elsewhere, inviting children aged 6 to 12 to discover their rights in relation to their social and cultural context, and to put into practice concrete solutions in response to them while raising awareness among the general public and in the political world.

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Reporters for rights

This participatory project is carried out by Enfants du Monde and gives children the opportunity to express themselves on the rights that concern them and to offer their own perspectives to those around them.

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A song for education

Implemented with the support of Compagnie Zappar, this project invites children to make a musical commitment to their right to education. Supervised by experienced and professional artists, the children take part in the production of songs, CDs and video clips in favor of access to education for all children, beyond borders.

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