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Together, let’s support vulnerable mothers and children around the world

Slawomir Plata
Act now to give mothers and children a better future!

By engaging with us to help and protect mothers and children around the world, we can have a sustainable impact on their living conditions together through quality education and access to health services.

In some African countries, 1 in 3 students who complete primary education still cannot read a sentence*

Thanks to your donation to Enfants du Monde, you can change the destiny of a child in Burkina Faso or Guatemala:

  • You provide basic education to disadvantaged children
  • You provide quality teaching, by training teachers in active pedagogy that develops students’ autonomy
  • You adapt lessons to the needs of the children, in particular through bilingual teaching in both the children’s local mother tongue and the country’s national language

Every day, more than 800 women** die worldwide from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth

Thanks to your donation, the health of women, babies and children is protected in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Nepal:

  • You offer maternal health education sessions for pregnant women and their families
  • You fund illustrated and local language information brochures so that all women – even illiterate ones – can understand the danger signs during pregnancy
  • You improve the quality of care through better continuous training of health workers in maternal and newborn health

Reyna Student in Guatemala

I mostly like to read tales and learn how to write. Later on, I would like to become a doctor to heal others.

My donation makes a difference

For exemple:

With 70 francs

I provide bilingual school manuals in French and Mooré (the local language) for 8 children in Burkina Faso, enabling them to make better progress at school.

With 140 francs

I allow for 250 pregnant women in Bangladesh to receive training preparing them for childbirth and the risks related to giving birth.

With 200 francs

I fund a continuing education training in bilingual education for 10 teachers in Guatemala, to improve the quality of their lessons.