Raising awareness of children's rights - Enfants du Monde Raising awareness of children's rights - Enfants du Monde

Teaching material

Resources to promote children’s rights in class

Enfants du Monde works with numerous schools in Switzerland and around the world to teach children’s rights in class and raise public awareness about their importance.

We have developed a series of pedagogical tools – dossiers, fact sheets, guides, resources – firmly rooted in our approach to education, in order to enable teaching and outreach teams to integrate the theme of children’s rights and education for sustainable development into their lessons and activities.

The teaching materials are aimed at children aged 6 to 12, and are developed in connection with our various projects in Switzerland and around the world.

Inès Dietrich Teacher, Switzerland

Enfants du Monde provides teachers with turnkey teaching tools that enable us to support students in their discovery of children’s rights.

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