Prevention of malnutrition

In 2022


students benefited from nutrition education


parents of students have been made aware


members of the education staff have been trained

Enfants du Monde prevents malnutrition in schools

In the schools, we train teachers and develop fun and educational activities to teach children and parents the principles of a healthy and nutritional diet using local products, in order to prevent malnutrition and improve resilience.

Transmitting the principles of a healthy and nutritious diet to children in Ambanja

In order to fight malnutrition, our team has developed different textbooks and games so that teachers can teach school children the principles of a healthy and nutritious diet.

  • A guide for the teachers, combining theory and practice. The guide contains basic information on nutritional principles, hygiene, malnutrition, as well as fun activities to perform in class. The goal is to change the eating habits of the pupils and their families.
  • A booklet in the form of a comic book for the children, whose story is based on three Malagasy characters that school children can easily identify with. They discover the principles of a healthy, nutritious, varied diet adapted to local eating habits.

In the countries in practice


Since January 2021, Enfants du Monde, in collaboration with its non-profit partner CO.P.E. has been supporting a nutrition education pilot project in three primary schools in Ambanja, in the north of the country.

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Sylvia Newkeze Principal of Mangafally private preschool

This project is important to us and to the children as we learn how to better cook local food. The teaching manuals allow us to deepen our knowledge of good nutrition and make us autonomous in transmitting this knowledge to our school children.

My donation makes a difference

For example  :

With 75 francs

I fund a booklet on nutritional principles for 30 students in Madagascar.

With 100 francs

I fund a kit of materials for 11 teachers in Madagascar so they can put in place fun activities about nutrition with their students.

With 150 francs

I offer the training of 6 teachers on prevention of malnutrition in their school.

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