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A quality education

From 2005 to 2016


children have benefited from our quality education


teaching staff members have been trained

Enfants du Monde currently does not have any ongoing informal learning education projects in Bangladesh.

Enfants du Monde helps children escape poverty

From 2005 to 2016, Enfants du Monde carried out different education projects in collaboration with local partners Jagorani Chakra Foundation, Aparajeyo Bangladesh, and the Centre for Mass Education in Science, which have given us ample experience in the country.

We supported many schools that sought to provide access to education to children who had never gone to school or who had dropped out too soon, mostly in rural regions and in marginal urban areas. There was a special focus on girls’ education to provide them with the best opportunities in life, all while protecting them from some forms of exploitation and curbing the tradition of forced marriage.

Thanks to our efforts aimed at improving the quality of education, which allows students to acquire not only basic knowledge but also practical knowledge applicable to their daily lives, Enfants du Monde has offered a better prospect to thousands of boys and girls.

Our impact

Our quality education project, conducted from 2005 to 2016, has benefited about 11,000 children per year as well as more than 200 teachers who have been trained in active and innovative pedagogy.

Morium Musammat, mother in Bangladesh

We send our kid Mamun to school because he learns not only to read and to write, but he is also trained in practical work. Like that, after finishing school, we could earn some money. This offer doesn’t exist in other schools.

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In Bangladesh
House n°18, Flat n°402, Level n°3, Road 24, Block K, Banani

Sra Shameema Akhter Shimul
Phone: +8802 222 288 558

My donation makes a difference

For example:

With 70 francs:

I enable 122 pregnant women in Bangladesh to be ready for their childbirth and the risks associated with it.

With 140 francs:

I enable the ongoing training in maternal and newborn health to 7 health workers in Bangladesh.