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Training for educational staff

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Enhancing the skills of teachers

In many countries, the quality of education remains inadequate. Every year, millions of children leave school without acquiring the basic skills they need for life.

As an NGO specialising in education, we also offers training to teachers and their trainers to ensure that their teaching is of high quality, adapted to the needs of the students and the environment in which they live. We offer, in particular, a Master’s degree and continuing training in our pedagogical approach to teachers, trainers and supervisors.

These courses are based on classroom observation and analysis tools, and are constantly being improved.

What makes us different
  • Specialised initial or continuing training, designed in partnership with recognised local training institutions and in close collaboration with the State
  • Proven expertise in developing and implementing Masters in Education programmes in Central America and West Africa in collaboration with academic institution.
    • Schools using our pedagogical approach have an excellent academic success rate
    • Ministry of Education officials take part in these various training courses to help improve the quality of education in their country

Aby Natali Teacher in Guatemala

The training helped me to be more open to new ways of learning and teaching, to realize the importance of bilingualism and to promote learning in two or three languages at the same time in my school.

In the countries in practice  :


In partnership with one of Benin’s leading universities near Cotonou, the University of Abomé Calavi, our association has set up a Master’s degree in educational sciences, with the first students graduating in May 2019.

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Burkina Faso

Since 2017, Enfants du Monde has been working both with the Ministry of National Education Literacy and Pormotion of National Languages of Burkina Faso to improve the quality of education in bilingual public schools.

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In 2001, as part of the Bilingual and Intercultural Education Programme, Enfants du Monde began its intervention in the Alta Verapaz region to improve the quality of education and to train the teaching staff in bilingual and intercultural education.

Since then, at the request of the Guatemala Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), the programme has been extended into other areas and linguistic region.

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As part of our education programme in Niger, teachers undertake a thorough pedagogical training which enables them to improve their lessons quality.

Annual exams are being implemented to assess their progression and our team specialists accompany them in the development of innovative teaching materials.

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The Enfants du Monde programme in Chad trains teachers and offers in-service training to their trainers, with a view to setting up a cascade training system that has already benefited 10,000 teachers and trainers.

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My donation makes a difference

For example:

With 70 francs:

I am offering in-service training in bilingual education to 3 teachers in Guatemala to improve the quality of their lessons.

With 140 francs:

I am offering a day of in-service training in bilingual education to 5 teachers in Burkina Faso.

With 200 francs:

I am providing training for 8 teachers on preventing malnutrition in their school in Madagascar.

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